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  EVENT INSTRUCTIONS                        (164 kB)

Czech Orienteering Federation

Orienteering club - Slavia Hradec Králové


Czech Sprint Championship (CSC)

Czech Master Sprint Championship (CMSC)

Open Sprint Race (OSR)

Welcome and enjoy your sports event!


12th June 2004 (Saturday)


TJ Slavia Hradec Králové, orienteering club

Event centre:

Jaroměř-Josefov, "Dolík" - entrance to the underground passages (start, finish), elementary school Josefov at the distance of 500 m (parking, washing, shelter in case of bad weather conditions).
All the details are given on a small map and plan of the event centre.
Detailed plan of event centre: centrum_aj.gif (157 kB).

How to reach the place of event:

The most suitable way how to get from Horní Dehtov (the centre of the Czech Middle Champioship) to Josefov is the route:
Horní Dehtov - Doubravice - Velehrádek - Lanžov - Sedlec - Vilantice - Hustířany - Velichovky - Jaroměř - Josefov. The route leads on roads of the second class, numbers 300,325,285 and it is 25km long. Watch out for a roadblock on the road number 37 from Jaroměř to Kuks!!!
Go through Josefov without stopping, obey the organizer's instructions!


Cars only in the elementary school campus, buses next to it.


- at the time and place of registration for the Czech Middle Champioship (PHK)
- in the event centre of the Czech Middle Champioship on 12th June 2004 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
- in the event centre on 12th June 2004 from 14:00 to 15:00 p.m.
You will not be registered without your proof of fee registration payment!


12:00 event centre opening
15:30 opening ceremony and military show of period uniforms
15:40 pre-start opening for classes CSC
15:50 pre-start closing for classes CSC
16:00 start 000 - start for classes CSC
17:07 start of the first competitors CMSC and OSR
18:10 presentation of winner's route choices with a commentary
18:10 the maps will be handed out
18:30 prize giving ceremony for classes CSC and CMSC
18:50 guided tour of the underground passages in the fortress Josefov (only for CSC medallists and winners of CMSC)


CSC : D16, D18, D20, D21, H16, H18, H20, H21
CMSC : D35, D40, D45, D50, D55, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55, H60
OSR : D16C, D18C, D21C, H16C, H18C, H21C1, H21C2

Winning times:

15 minutes

Punching system:

Sport Ident punching system will be used. SI card cannot be used in the race twice. The competitor punches on the finish line the final control.
In case the control does not work the competitor punches into the box on the map and he/she shows the map in the finish area.


All CSC class competitors must get into the given area in the event centre (pre-start) till 15:50. Competitors have to show their SI cards there. After that no one can be allowed to enter this area. (Only the trainers will be allowed to go back). There will be available - tents, WC, space for warming-up. It will be also possible to leave own labeled luggage there and to pick it up after the race. The use of mobile phones is not allowed.

Start numbers:

self-service before the start


enter the first corridor 4 minutes before your start

Control descriptions:

They are on the map in the form of pictographs (size of one box is 5*5mm), They will be also available in the corridor at the start (neither Sellotape nor scissors will be available there, size of one box is 6*6 mm), max. size of descriptions is 6*15.5 cm.


Josefov, scale 1:5 000, E 2m (!), printed in May 2004, waterproof cover, Mapmakers - Jan Langr, Jan Netuka
Watch out for route plottings on the map and control order (route crossings). The CSC and CMSC routes are printed in purple color, the OSR routes are plotted with a red felt-tip pen on the plotter. Watch out for codes - the controls are very close to each other. Crossing points are marked with a map sign number 708. You have to hand in the maps at the finish till 18:10.


Park, fortress ramparts, fortress town. Traffic will not be stopped, so watch out for it! (The main roads are marked in the map with full brown lines).
We recommend clothing covering the whole arms and legs, we do not recommend running shoes with flat soles.
It is prohibited to climb over any fences, to enter the areas that are marked with the map sign number 527 (yellow-green color = private area). Otherwise you can be disqualified. Dangerous places are marked with a tape in the terrain (for example the top edge of the ramparts or cliffs).
Competition area is embargoed area for all people present at the race (except of the area marked on the model map). The competitors can enter this area only in time intervals between the start and finish (rules - paragraph number 11.5). This restriction concerns also the competitors who have already finished the race. It does not concern the competitors coming up on the access road.
In the first part of the competition area there have been recently cut down some bushes and undergrowths (green color). So now it looks like normal forest (white color). But on the map are these parts always green and covered with red oblique lines. Such areas are not prohibited areas and they do not represent for competitors any obstacle in running.


There will be some mineral water at the finish, a buffet with refreshment called "Klokan-Kangaroo" (they offer steaks, sausages, instant pasta, cakes, coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer…)


TOI-TOI system in the event centre, toilets in the museum building opposite the ticket office, toilets in the elementary school Josefov


Elementary school Josefov (Keep the area tidy, please!)


continuous: in the event centre, final:
Printed final results can be ordered for 30,-Kč at the registration.

Event officials:

Event director : Karel Toužil
Event main referee : Jan Netuka, R1
Course planner : Michal Jedlička
Jury : Hana Tichovská, Zdeněk Zuzánek, Marek Prášil

Information of interest:

The fortress of Josefov was built from 1780 to 1787. This event was initiated by the emperor Josef II. The fortress served as protection of country borders against aggressive Prussia. In a short time there was built a huge bastion fortress above the confluence of the rivers Labe and Metuje, one of the most modern and important fortresses in the Habsburk's monarchy. It belongs to the top work of the European fortress civil engineering.
For more information and photographs use the web address of the town museum in Jaroměř:
We can recommend you the visit of underground passages in the Fortress Josefov. (Guided tours will be held during the whole sports event).

Additional notes:

Selling and advertising activities are possible only with permission of the event director or of the event main referee.


Czech Sprint Championship will be organized in accordance with the Czech Competition Rules from 2004.

Special thanks for help by organizing this sports event to the authorities of the town Jaroměř, to the town museum in Jaroměř, to the region of Hradec Králové, to the Club of military history-Josefov, to the Society Retranchement No.XVIII and to the firms Domis and Inka.

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Společnost Retranchement No. XVIII Klub vojenské historie Josefov

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